Vaccine and pregnancy

We find ourselves living in unpresidented times, filled with uncertainty and uneasiness. You have faced this crisis with integrity, compassion and professionalism, and feeling unsure shouldn't also be something else you carry. There are many sources of information, and that can make it difficult for some to navigate through the misinformation and find the appropriate answers to your questions. This is especially true when it comes to the question of pregnancy. It's important have the most updated science to assist you in being able to make a fully informed decision for you and your family. For everyone this decision is deeply personal and not taken lightly. There are several factors involved, from personal beliefs to your future health, health of family and friends to the health of the community you serve. As caregivers, wanting the best for everyone is always a thought at the forefront of your mind. As individuals, the best for yourself and your families is a priority. This video can give you the information that you may be looking for, unbiased and scientifically backed. Whether you are already vaccinated or not, this video may answer some of the questions that you have. You have the right to accurate information, and deserve nothing less. Hopefully you will find this information helpful to you and those who may have questions.