Tentative Agreement in NorCal Shows AMR the Way Forward

Bargaining Update: Our Unity Has Made the Difference

We have reached a new 3-year agreement with AMR pending member ratification. Once our agreement is ratified, we will be one of the few AMR workforces in California to continue our quality health care plans and provide COLAs—top steps included. The bargaining team stood strong against concessions while increasing pay, maintaining steps, and protecting health care. Click here to download a pdf of the tentative agreement.

Increased pay
We secured a 2% COLA in year 1 and a 2% lump in years 2 and 3.

12/42 shifts
Placer, San Joaquin, Shasta, and Sonoma counties will begin transitioning to 12/42
shifts during the first year of the agreement in lieu of the above increases.

Protected health care
We maintained health insurance for the life of the agreement. Cost share moves to
85/15 in 2017 and premium increases rising above 5% annually will be covered by

Reversed pay cuts
We restored Tulare wage scale hourly rates by reversing a 17% concession negotiated by the former union. CCT RN pay cuts will also be restored.

Contact your bargaining team rep to learn more.