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 AB 1116 provides for confidential CISM resources for public safety.

One moment, Sami Abed, president of United EMS Workers-AFSCME Local 4911, was just a passenger on a United Airlines flight. The next moment he was a central figure in a medical emergency. Read more >>>

The vote count took place on April 1, 2015, and was overseen by the AMERICAN ARBITRATION ASSOCIATION. Results were verified and endorsed by the UEMSW 4911 Election Committee. We congratulate JOHN ZENUS as our NEW ENGLAND DIRECTOR. John has taken the Oath of Office and will immediately start his term in office. Please join us in thanking Dave Norris for his service.


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Bargaining Update: Our Unity Has Made the Difference

We have reached a new 3-year agreement with AMR pending member ratification. Once our agreement is ratified, we will be one of the few AMR workforces in California to continue our quality health care plans and provide COLAs—top steps included. The bargaining team stood strong against concessions while increasing pay, maintaining steps, and protecting health care.

Continue reading to view the tentative agreement.

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When American Medical Response (AMR) entered negotiations in early November saying it wanted to fill shifts with the “least expensive resource available,” EMS professionals in Riverside County were more than a little put off to be reduced to commodities. They responded Nov. 18 by showing up in force with a petition, signed by nearly every worker, demanding respect and a fair contract. Read more >>>

We are very pleased to announce that Chad Johnson will assume the roll of Interim Administative Chief for Local 4911. The Board of Directors approved his appointment earlier this week.

As Interim Administrative Chief, Chad will help get the day-to-day operations of Local 4911 in order while supervising staff, assisting stewards, bargaining, and anything else that supports our local. His Interim status will continue until the local hires a permanent Executive Director. Once that occurs, Chad will step back into his role as the AFSCME Area Fields Services Director (AFSD) for California.

While working for Local 4911, Chad will report to the Local 4911 Board of Directors. The AFSCME International Union has also agreed to pay his salary with no additional costs being paid by the Local.

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18,000 Nurses who work for Kaiser Permamente are on a 2-day strike. We're asking every member to please stand in solidarity with these nurses and support them as they fight for a fair contract, which includes better patient-care standards and improved Ebola precautions and training. We want to send the message that their fight is our fight too!


It is important to remember that we are still obligated to continue to do our jobs and deliver services despite these strikes. We have reached out to the NNU and they know we may have to cross their picket lines to ensure that our patients get the care they need.

You can get more information on the Kaiser nurses strike and how you can show your solidarityhere >>> NNU Strike Packet or on their website NationalNursesUnited.org


What makes our union strong is that we have each other's backs.

Our union brother and Sacramento EMT, Matthew Freeman, needs our help.

In 2006, Matthew was diagnosed with a bone disease called Fibrous Dysplasia requiring removal of a tumor from his skull. Sadly, the tumor has returned, and he will need surgery again. Due to his medical issues, he has no remaining PTO to support himself during the recovery process. We're asking you to please help support Matthew Freeman by making a



Ebola Update for AFSCME Members

The United EMS Workers and AFSCME are concerned about the Ebola outbreak just like the rest of the nation. But unlike the concerned public, we are on the front lines providing vital healthcare services to the public, including patient care, emergency medical response, hospital triage, and environmental cleaning services.

"EMS professionals are often the first point of contact for people seeking medical attention, and we will need intensive training to properly deal with the Ebola virus," said Sami Abed, paramedic and president of AFSCME Local 4911. "Right now our union is working with local officials to ensure companies implement the highest standards to protect workers and patients."

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Fellow Members of United EMS Workers,

I’d like to thank all of our supporters and all the members of our union. The vote was clear and decisive, with as much as 70% of those that voted, voting for myself and the other candidates on our ticket. Our team views this overwhelming majority as a clear mandate for change. The members have spoken – they want our union run differently and they want a change. I will work hard for this union. Along with the other officers and members of the new Board of Directors, we are going to get this mess straightened out.

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The American Arbitration Association (AAA) counted the ballots for the leadership election on Thursday, October 9th, and the results are below. The AAA certified election results have been approved by the election committee.

President: Sami Abed
Vice President: John Riddle
Secretary: Dave Styles
Treasurer: Craig Dailey

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EMS professionals of Santa Clara County vote to ratify their first contract as United EMS Workers-AFSCME Local 4911. Read more >>>

Members of United EMS Workers-AFSCME Local 4911 leaflet a JP Morgan Healthcare Investors Conference. Read more >>>

The Emergency Medical Services (EMS) professionals at First Responders EMS in Sacramento have voted overwhelmingly to move forward with United EMS Workers-AFSCME Local 4911. Read more >>>

Five United EMS Workers-AFSCME Local 4911 members are honored for their heroic life-saving duties.

The California Ambulance Association (CAA) annually recognizes paramedics and emergency medical technicians who go above and beyond the call of duty. A ceremony was held for them in Sacramento, CA to honor their heroic actions and extraordinary professional achievements.

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Each year, Santa Clara County proclaims a week to recognize the importance of EMS and the life-saving professionals who make it happen. This time, workers also called on everyone to work together to move EMS forward in their county. Seventy workers were in attendance wearing buttons that read “Stop the Delay.” Read more >>>

Emergency medical services professionals in California and Arizona voted earlier this month to unionize with United EMS Workers-AFSCME. Read more >>>

Emergency medical service providers save lives every day—and right now they’re struggling to save their own livelihoods, so they can keep doing this crucial work. Read more >>>

This past week, EMS professionals from all around the West Coast rode 271 miles from Reno to Sacramento on a bike to honor those in the EMS field who have been injured or killed in the line of duty. They were taking part in an annual tradition called the National EMS Memorial Bike Ride. Read more >>>

September 27, 2012 (San Francisco, CA) -- EMS professionals employed by American Medical Response (AMR) in more than a dozen counties across the state voted decisively yesterday to join United EMS Workers-AFSCME Local 4911. Having faced layoffs, attacks on their health benefits, short staffing, and even AMR’s attempt to block their election, workers set out to build their own democratic and accountable AFSCME local union to better engage on professional matters with their employer. In yesterday’s election, they won with 77% of the vote.

More than 2,200 EMS workers are voting in representation elections this week to join United EMS Workers-AFSCME Local 4911. In New England, more than 500 EMS professionals are taking part in on-site elections today and tomorrow.

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Dear Fraternal Sisters and Brothers of the United EMS Workers:

The Uniformed EMTs and Paramedics of Local 2507 represent EMS professionals working alongside the firefighters of the FDNY. Our local has a 50 year history as part of the 100 year history of organized labor in the City of New York. We hope you had a chance to meet some of our member volunteers on the ground in Northern California who know the benefits of being part of a strong national union – AFSCME.

A vote for United EMS Workers/AFSCME will ensure your seat at the table on a local, state, and national level.


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Oakland-  The EMS workers at Rural/Metro of Northern California voted overwhelmingly by a margin of 2-to-1 to join their brothers and sisters within AFSCME Local 4911, United EMS Workers, who are working at Rural/Metro's 911 operation in Santa Clara County. Over the last few months, they've stood strong because they know they deserve dignity and respect for the important work that they do. "By joining United EMS Workers/AFSCME Local 4911, we’re bringing dignity to EMS in the bay area,” said new member Chris Barney. Read more >>>

New England EMS workers wasted no time in joining our California counterparts in becoming part of United EMS Workers-AFSCME Local 4911 – and they did it by an even bigger margin of victory!

Coming on the heels of Wednesday’s California election, where EMS workers in more than a dozen counties voted in United EMS Workers-AFSCME with 77% of all votes cast, New England EMS stepped up Friday with a 90% victory in our election results. More than 2,300 EMS workers in two days have voted to become part of United EMS Workers-AFSCME Local 4911.

"This is a great victory. It means we’ll be getting more respect for what we do, and for EMS in general it means we’re on our way to making this a profession and not just a job.”
- Matt Anderson, Paramedic 


EMS workers are featured in the most recent edition of AFSCME WORKS. The below is an excerpt; to read the full version, click here.

A group of uniformed EMTs and paramedics from the New York City Fire Department traveled to California this winter and successfully helped organize 260 paramedics, EMTs and vehicle supply technicians who work for Rural Metro Ambulance in Santa Clara County, Calif. These men and women, known as Volunteer Member Organizers (VMOs), spoke with their California counterparts about their own experiences with AFSCME, and made the case for joining United EMS Workers – a family of 20,000.

AFSCME BLOG | February 07, 2012

In a national campaign to win respect for EMS workers, uniformed EMTs and paramedics from the Fire Department of New York City are joining forces with their peers in Northern California to help build a new AFSCME local for emergency medical service workers on the west coast.

"Seeing our fellow EMS workers come out here and offer their help shows what national strength and unity really means," said Sam Tennison from Rural/Metro, a medical transport service, in Santa Clara. "We've gone far too long without a real voice. Standing together as United EMS Workers/AFSCME means people just like us are here and have our backs when we call on them. That's what national strength is about.”

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Walnut Creek, CA... The EMTs, Paramedics, and other life-saving Emergency Medical Service (EMS) workers of Northern California held a community BBQ last week with area residents to raise awareness about the vital services they provide and the struggles they face. Workers circulated petition cards calling on the private EMS company - American Medical Response (AMR) - to let them have a stronger voice in the decisions affecting the quality services they provide every day.

Well-trained, equipped, and experienced EMS workers make the difference when lives are at risk. That's why they need a voice on the job, to work for safety standards, quality training and fair working conditions. Paramedics and EMTs know that having enough ambulances on the streets and updated equipment is essential to saving lives.

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